With just 3 or 4 sessions you can overcome even a life-long phobia 


Are you afraid of flying? Uncomfortable in confined places? Afraid of wasps? Maybe you break out in a cold sweat even at the thought of public speaking? Maybe you have a fear of heights? Dentists? Hospitals? Confined Places? Water? No matter what it is hypnotherapy can help you to get rid of the phobic response and start to live your life without fear.


Through the use of hypnotherapy, you can remove those fears that may be creating roadblocks to your success.


About Phobias


We can learn to be afraid of a myriad of things and situations. Some of these fears are learned responses from childhood, maybe from well meaning parents and teachers. There are many different reasons for a phobia. You may have experienced at some point the source of what brings about the phobic response. You may even have seen something on the TV or witnessed somebody else reacting with anxiety at a particular thing, such as wasps or dogs. Some people develop a phobia such as claustrophobia or agorophobia in response to something completely unconnected where the anxiety moves onto another area. Often you have no idea how it started or even remember when.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and imagery techniques you can learn to overcome these phobias.

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