Techniques used

I don't use one or two approaches exclusively, I use an integrative approach that I adapt for each individual client, I think of it like a toolbox. My tools include Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Dream and Image Work, Counselling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT), Analytical Hypnotherapy and Inner Child work.

 With the right approach for you, therapy in whatever form it takes for the individual can be a powerful tool for change and growth.

Analytical Hypnotherapy & Inner Child Work

This way of working is an uncovering therapy. It looks at the deeper roots of an issue or problem. It helps to answer questions like Why do I do this? and Why do I feel this way? It holds the view that within us we have a part that is being held back by the past. Understanding needs to be gained for the resolution in the present. By using a set of techniques freedom can be gained from the past, eradicating the present day problem.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This is essentially a way of working that identifies and helps change specific unwanted responses or behaviours e.g. phobias, panic attacks, smoking. It effectively focuses on the thoughts and feelings that drive the unwanted behaviour  the assumption here being if our thoughts change, then so will the behaviour. With CBT, the treatment is usually brief and people experience relatively fast relief from symptoms.


Counselling is simply a purposeful relationship in which one person helps another to help themselves. The aim is to provide help and support by the aid of an understanding, independent listener.

Dream Therapy

Dream therapy helps you to make sense of events within dreams and assign meanings to them, based on your life and situation. It is suitable for anyone wishing to explore their unconscious and find out more about their inner emotions. Dream interpretation may also be of use to people suffering from recurring dreams. An understanding of a recurring dream's meaning can sometimes help alleviate the problem.

I predominantly use Gestalt Dream Therapy. With Gestalt therapy dreams are seen as being projections of parts of oneself. Often these are parts that have been ignored, rejected or even suppressed. One aim of gestalt dream analysis is to accept and reintegrate these. Another important factor of Gestalt dream analysis is that all symbolism is unique in that it comes from the dreamer and only the dreamer can truly interpret it.


Psychotherapy is the application of psychological principles to the treatment of those suffering from disorders that are of psychological origin or that are exacerbated by psychological factors.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro- Linguistic Programming, often simply referred to as NLP, is a set of therapeutic techniques that we can use to change responses. It is essentially the re-programming of the mind and choosing a more positive outlook. It focuses on the incredible power of language within communication and reminds us of just how powerful every word we utter can be. The field of NLP has studied the patterns, behaviours and beliefs of successful people in all areas of life. What NLP has found is that people that succeed all use the same kind of techniques to communicate with themselves and others. NLP is a way of perceiving reality, and of making appropriate interventions that move us towards what we want.