Did you know that hypnosis is up to 3 times more effective than nicotine replacement products in helping you to give up smoking? 

Although nicotine replacement products can help you to stop smoking, the problem is that the person is still nicotine dependent and as soon as they take the patch off or stop using them the cravings return and so the individual often starts smoking again. These methods also miss out two of the most important components you have at your disposal: your subconscious mind and your imagination!

By utilising hypnosis and making the changes at both a conscious and subconscious level you will be able to minimise the side effects usually associated with quitting smoking. You will also learn how not to substitute it with a new compulsive habit like over eating or drinking alcohol.

Smoking Cessation Programme

Unlike many Hypnotherapists I do not offer a one session approach to stopping smoking with a greatly inflated session fee. My smoking session fees are ONLY £50 per session. This is my normal session rate, NOT an increased rate for smokers.

I treat smoking just like any other habit, some people respond after one session, with others it takes a little longer, the solution is different for different people. On average, I have found 3 sessions to be most effective, so I offer a 3-session Smoking Cessation Programme to help you to quit AND ensure that the change is a long term one. You are not committed to signing up for 3 sessions at the outset.

The aim of these 3 sessions is to help you to:

  • Stop feeling the desire to have a cigarette 
  • Have a feeling of being in complete control
  • Deal with the issues behind your smoking e.g. stress management
  • Learn techniques to become a lifetime non-smoker
  • Start thinking like a non-smoker.

What does it cost?

The first 90 minute session costs  £50 and subsequent 60 minute sessions cost  the same. The first 2 sessions should be held within a week of each other, the third session is a follow up session to monitor your progress and to help you with tools to become a life-time non-smoker. You will also be given a hypnosis CD to use at home after the second session.

I also offer a FREE refresher session if you begin to smoke again within 6 months of completing the 3 sessions.

Further Evidence

 The National Council for Hypnotherapy recently circulated information about new research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a way of stopping smoking. To investigate the most effective method of stopping smoking, the University of Iowa's Frank Schmidt along with research student Chockalingham Viswesvaran carried out a meta-analysis, using the results of more than 600 studies, with a total of nearly 72,000 people. The results included 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers, and were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. They clearly showed that hypnosis was three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy

In 1992 New Scientist Magazine published the results of an extensive clinical study on the most effective smoking cessation methods. This showed that single session hypnosis increased a smokers success rate by 1000% from 6% to 60%.!

So, if this is the year that you become a non-smoker call me today for an appointment.