Weight Management

The premise of my weight management programme is that the key to successful and long-term weight loss is to change your mental programming and your relationship with food.

The weight managament sessions I offer are very much tailored to your specific needs, the solution is different with everyone. I use a combination of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques to help you to change your relationship with food in the long term.

As I said the solution is different with everyone, but areas I would typically focus on include:

  • Recognising and controlling your response to hunger.
  • Boosting your self-esteem and body confidence.
  • Increasing your motivation to change.   
  • Increasing motivation to exercise and boosting metabolism.
  • Stopping emotional eating with stress management.
  • Dealing with compulsive eating and food cravings.
  • Uncovering and dealing with resistance to change.
  • Losing weight permanently - getting lasting results.

The number of sessions needed varies with each individual, if the issue is a simple one, one session can be enough. I often find that the average number of sessions needed is 3-4 sessions.

The cost of the first session which lasts for at least 90 minutes is £50.  Follow on sessions typically last 60 minutes and cost the same.